About the Store

Named after a Duran Duran song over 20 years ago, Skintrade has stood the test of time. Family run, Skintrade is the sort of fun and quirky retailer that helps keep town centres alive. We believe in the whole shopping experience, engaging with our customers, making it a more fun & personal experience.

Our seasoned buying team scour the showrooms of Londons West End and trendy Shoreditch to hand select all the best pieces that our brands have to offer, bringing them all together under one roof.


We hold the largest independent selection of footwear on the whole island and have done for years. Our flipflop selection in Summer is second to none as is our selection of boots in the colder months. What we don't know about shoes, isn't worth knowing.

From global mega brands such as Converse, Vans and Nike SB, to Ladies Boutique brands such as Fly London, Birkenstock and Rocket Dog all our footwear is carefully chosen with one over-riding thing in mind.....Comfort.

"That's the thing we look for most when we are selecting our stock for the store, because it's what our customers want when they walk out of our door" -Sarah Holmes - Ladies Buyer

Clothing and Accessories

"We personally select every item that is in our store" says Dee Holmes, the cheeky chappy behind the counter. As the founding partner of Skintrade, he knows exactly what customers want to buy.

Our Menswear is all about the casual cool, the weekend wardrobe, your go-to outfits for your Saturday nights out and your dressed down, comfy, chilled out Sundays. There is no pretention here, it's just good quality wardrobe favourites that you'll wear again and again and again.

Our ladieswear spreads out over 2 levels, all colour blocked and co-ordinated so that you don't have to worry about if things go together. From wardrobe essentials such as plain t-shirts and snuggly hoodies, to luxe prints and pretty dresses, to fresh and funky fast fashion, Skintrade offers a touch of individuality that our High Street competitors just can"t offer. Our friendly shopfloor team are always on hand to help you put together an outfit and put a smile on your face.